How to Auto Embed Real Time Facebook Live Video in WordPress

If you want to embed facebook live videos in your WordPress then you can try out this amazing WordPress plugin that will boost your Traffic
This plugin will auto-embed live videos of your Facebook account or Facebook Pages Facebook Groups on your WordPress site whenever you go live on Facebook.

The plugin detects if you or your Facebook Page or Group are currently live and embeds the live video automatically. Also, has the ability to embed previously recorded live videos and uploaded videos.

Also, has the ability to configure a Site-Wide Top Notification Bar to be displayed when you (or the Facebook Page or Group) go live.

To get this plugin Visit here.

USing this Plugin you can create Embed WordPress shortcode for your Facebook Pages or Facebook Groups Place embed code anywhere in the content of your website (posts, pages etc). Whenever the user/page/group goes live, the live video will automatically Add live video in the content where the code is placed.

You can enter the custom message for visitors, enter the custom alternate message to communicate with visitors when the Facebook user/page/group is not live.
Allow you to enter the custom alternate message to communicate with visitors when no recent live video is available.
Ability to use WordPress Shortcodes in Alternate Message and Top Message.
Add custom width of the video player and Responsive out of the box.

Show Full Facebook post (video description and buttons for like/comment/share) attached to the video player. This feature is Desktop-Only, Facebook has disabled it for mobile devices.

And many other similar features.